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The Apple Watch 9 And Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024


  • Discover how seasoned runner Swati Mukund incorporates the state-of-the-art Apple Watch 9 into her Tata Mumbai Marathon training regimen.
  • Astute Running Metrics: Explore the comprehensive running form metrics that the Watch 9 offers. From vertical oscillation to ground contact time, these metrics give runners important information about how they are performing.
  • Real-Time Race Comparison: Discover how the “Race Route” function on the Apple Watch 9 helps runners track their progress and navigate on-course by comparing their recent runs with past runs.
  • Battery Optimization Advice: Learn how to protect the Watch 9’s battery during long runs to maintain continuous operation throughout the Tata Mumbai Marathon from Swati Mukund.


On January 21, Mumbai will come alive with excitement as the country’s premier running event, the Tata Mumbai Marathon, takes place. With an astounding 57,000 runners, comprising 40,365 men and 16,180 women, the marathon is not only a competition but also a celebration of culture, athletics, and individual achievements.

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Various Reasons for Involvement

There are many different reasons people choose to run the Tata Mumbai Marathon. While some see winning as the ultimate goal, others are more interested in breaking personal fitness records and getting a firsthand look at the vibrant Mumbai culture.

The Journey of Swati Mukund: A Runner’s Perspective

One such competitor, seasoned marathon runner Swati Mukund, who has completed over five years of marathon running, shares her special method of training for the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Swati highlights how important the Apple Watch 9 is to her for tracking her development and refining her workout routine.

Apple Watch 9: The Ideal Friend for Runners

Swati’s selection of the Apple Watch 9 indicates the growing trend among runners to use wearable smart technology to improve their workouts. She emphasizes how important it is to her training regimen, especially in light of the impending half marathon.

Using the Apple Watch 9 for Training, Swati can share details about her training regimen, including twice-weekly dedicated running sessions and strength and weight training sessions at the gym. Her long-distance runs become increasingly reliant on her Apple Watch 9, which provides features like the Workout app on watchOS 10 with metrics related to running form.

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Important Running Metrics

Important running form metrics are now available on the Apple Watch 9, including:

Vertical oscillation: This test assesses how the body moves vertically and offers information about how energy is used.

Running Stride Length: Determines the distance traveled in a single stride, which affects total running speed.

Ground Contact Time: An important measure of running efficiency is the amount of time each foot spends on the ground during a run.

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Extra Measures to Improve Training

Beyond simple metrics, the Apple Watch 9 offers:

Heart Rate Zones: Offers details on workout intensity levels.

Running Power: A measurement in watts that approximates the work performed while running.

Elevation: During running sessions, elevation data is displayed.

Getting Ready for and Comparing Races

The Apple Watch 9 allows real-time progress tracking and allows users to compare their current runs with past runs to improve the marathon experience. By enabling a side-by-side comparison, the “Race Route” feature aids runners in staying on course and keeping track of their remaining distance.

Optimizing Batteries for Extended Distance Travel

It’s important to save the Apple Watch battery if you’re planning a long run. Swati offers some advice on extending battery life, such as utilizing Low Power Mode and pre-syncing podcasts and music. It also works well to turn off the Always On display and mobile data in the hours before the run.


As the Tata Mumbai Marathon draws near, the combination of fitness and technology becomes increasingly prominent. Running enthusiasts like Swati Mukund can maximize this significant event and improve their training experience by partnering with the Apple Watch 9.


Q. 1. Is the Apple Watch 9 the recommended watch for marathon training, or can I use any other smartwatch?

A. 1. While many smartwatches can track fitness, the Apple Watch 9 is a great option for marathon training because of its unique running metrics.

Q. 2. To what extent do the Apple Watch 9’s running form metrics provide accuracy?

A. 2. The stride length and vertical oscillation metrics on the Apple Watch 9 are well-known for their accuracy and ability to provide important information about running performance.

Q. 3. Is it required to use the Apple Watch 9 in conjunction with the Nike Running app when going on speed runs?

A. 3. While the Apple Watch 9 has extensive running features on its own, Swati Mukund finds the Nike running app useful for tracking laps during speed runs.

Q. 4. Is the Apple Watch 9 meant only for running, or can it be used for other sports as well?

A. 4. The Apple Watch 9 is a versatile option for athletes as it supports a wide range of sports and fitness activities, despite being optimized for running.

Q. 5. What is the role of the Apple Watch 9’s “Race Route” feature in marathon training?

A. 5. By comparing their current run with past runs, runners can stay on course and see their progress visually with the “Race Route” feature.


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