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The Fairphone 5: Revolutionizing Smartphone Repairability with a Perfect 10/10 Score


  • Fairphone 5 Breaks Norms: The Fairphone 5, designed for repairability, defies industry standards with its split-board layout and modular design.
  • iFixit’s Perfect Score: Awarded a flawless 10/10 repairability score by iFixit, the Fairphone 5 outshines competitors in empowering users for DIY repairs.
  • Innovative Camera Module: The individually replaceable cameras mark a significant advancement, allowing users to replace specific lenses without overhauling the entire camera system.
  • User-Friendly Warning Labels: Despite new warning labels, the Fairphone 5 maintains user-friendly repairability, guiding users through disassembly without hindering the repair process.
  • Fingerprint Sensor Challenge: While earning a perfect score, the Fairphone 5 faces a challenge with its fingerprint sensor, not sold separately, posing a unique obstacle for repair enthusiasts.

Introduction of Fairphone 5

The Fairphone 5 has emerged as the latest marvel from Fairphone, a company committed to designing smartphones with repairability at the forefront. Unveiling groundbreaking innovations, the Fairphone has shattered conventional repairability norms, earning a perfect score from the renowned iFixit. Let’s delve into the key features that make the Fairphone 5 a game-changer in the smartphone industry.


The iFixit Verdict

iFixit, a stalwart in assessing repairability, has awarded the Fairphone 5 an exceptional repairability score. This accomplishment is unparalleled, especially when compared to other smartphones in the market. The company’s dedication to championing right-to-repair laws sets Fairphone apart in an era where repair options for smartphones are diminishing.

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Unveiling Repairable Design Improvements

The Fairphone 5 introduces a host of design improvements that redefine repairability standards. Notably, the phone’s main board is ingeniously split into two parts, a feature that typically poses challenges for repair enthusiasts. However, despite this unconventional design, the smartphone excels in repairability, debunking any concerns about hindrances in user repairs.

Individually-Replaceable Cameras

One of the standout features of the Fairphone 5 is its individually-replaceable cameras. Departing from the conventional approach where a broken camera sensor necessitates the replacement of the entire system, Fairphone has paved the way for modular repairs. This innovation ensures that users can replace specific camera lenses without overhauling the entire camera module, a significant leap in repair efficiency.

Fairphone 5
@image: Fairphone

Split Board Layout and its Purpose

Fairphone boldly adopts a split board layout for the Fairphone 5, opting for a motherboard and a daughterboard configuration. This departure from the norm facilitates the integration of larger batteries, enhancing the device’s overall performance. iFixit affirms that this layout choice is a strategic move by Fairphone to address the increasing demand for smartphones with extended battery life.

Navigating Warning Labels and User Repairs

While the Fairphone 5 introduces new warning labels, they are not deterrents to user repairs. iFixit highlights that these labels serve as guides to prevent inadvertent mistakes during the disassembly process. Despite the split-board layout, user-friendly repairability remains a hallmark of Fairphone’s commitment to empowering users to repair their devices without unnecessary impediments.

Fingerprint Sensor Challenges

However, the Fairphone 5 faces a unique challenge with its fingerprint sensor, as it is not available as a separate replacement part. This poses a hurdle for repair enthusiasts seeking to address fingerprint sensor issues independently. The limited availability of secondhand parts, especially for a niche device like the Fairphone, adds a layer of complexity to repairs.

Conclusion: A 10/10 Anomaly in Repairability

In conclusion, the Fairphone 5 stands out as an anomaly in the smartphone landscape, boasting a perfect 10/10 repairability score. With its groundbreaking features, modular design, and commitment to right-to-repair principles, the Fairphone is a beacon for enthusiasts advocating for more sustainable and repair-friendly devices. Despite its unavailability in the US, its impact on the global smartphone market is undeniable, urging other manufacturers to prioritize repairability in their design philosophies.


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