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Unlocking the Power of Google’s Generative AI Search Experience in 120 + Countries

Google has made waves in the search market by announcing the expansion of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) with Generative AI Search to over 120 countries. By offering more complete and relevant information, this generative AI-powered search promises to revolutionize the way people interact with search results. This article digs into the specifics of the expansion, emphasizing major features, languages, and the influence on user search experience.

Expanding Horizons

Google’s SGE Journey

The Search Generative Experience debuted in the United States before expanding to India and Japan. Google is now taking a major step forward by bringing SGE to a wide range of nations, including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. SGE’s largest foreign expansion to date, the move promises a more inclusive and accessible search experience.

Supported Languages

Google has added support for four new languages to improve user experience: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian. This means that users in these countries can now use SGE in their own language, making search interactions more natural and personalized.

Generative AI Search
@image: Search Engine Journal

Experimenting with Generative AI Search Labs

Early-Stage Testing

Google unveils Search Labs, a platform that allows consumers to engage in early-stage search experiments. Search Labs, which is accessible via the Google app (Android and iOS) and Chrome desktop, allows users to test and provide feedback on new features. Allowing the SGE experiment in Search Labs allows for a more interactive and dynamic search experience.

Questions for Further Consideration

The option for users to ask follow-up questions immediately from the search results page is a notable feature that is currently being tested. This invention intends to increase user engagement and simplify the search process, allowing users to easily explore deeper into areas of interest.

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AI-Powered Translation Capabilities

Refining Language Translation

With AI-powered capabilities, Google is pushing the boundaries of language translation. Users will soon be able to ask SGE to translate phrases containing words with numerous meanings. The technology will highlight such phrases, allowing users to indicate the intended meaning by touching on the word. This service, which was initially launched in the United States for English-to-Spanish translations, is scheduled to expand to more countries and languages in the near future.

Generative AI Search Experience: Highlighting and Previewing

Google is rolling out improvements that will highlight significant phrases in search results in an effort to improve user comprehension. Users can mouse over these terms to see definitions or images connected to them. This feature, which will initially be available in English in the United States, will be gradually expanded to new countries and languages.

Generative AI Search
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User Feedback and Future Developments

Positive Reception

The reactions to the latest SGE launches in the United States, India, and Japan have been overwhelmingly positive. Users find generative AI to be very useful for difficult inquiries, broadening the scope of what they may discover through search.

Plans for the Future

Google is dedicated to continued growth and improvement. The business intends to expand the number of countries and languages supported for various characteristics, ensuring that the benefits of generative AI search are available to a global audience. As Google continues to innovate, users should expect a more refined and personalized search experience.

Finally, Google’s expansion of the Search Generative Experience to more than 120 countries is a big step forward in the evolution of search technologies. Google is redefining the way people engage with search results by adding support for new languages, experimenting through Search Labs, and introducing novel features such as AI-powered translation capabilities. Users should expect a more intuitive, personalized, and engaging search experience on a global scale as the path of generative AI in search continues.


AI was used to conduct research and help write parts of the article. We primarily use the Gemini model developed by Google AI. While AI-assisted in creating this content, it was reviewed and edited by a human editor to ensure accuracy, clarity, and adherence to Google's webmaster guidelines.

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