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Twitter Update: Introducing Daily DM Limits for Unverified Users

Latest Twitter Update: Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter Inc., is overhauling the company’s platform in an effort to improve user experience and cut down on spam. The addition of daily direct message (DM) limitations for unverified accounts is one of the most recent Twitter updates. This measure is a result of the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce spam and enhance the caliber of platform interactions. The specifics of Twitter’s most recent action, the effect it had on user engagement, and the importance of its subscription service, Twitter Blue, are covered in this article.

Twitter Update: The Need for DM Limits

Twitter has been dealing with spam on its platform, which has hampered many users’ experiences. In response to this difficulty, the firm said on July 21 that it will shortly implement daily limits on the number of DMs that unverified accounts can send. This strategy attempts to prevent spammy and unsolicited messages from flooding users’ inboxes and to improve the overall messaging experience on Twitter.

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Twitter Blue: The Solution for Enhanced DM Access

Twitter Blue, the company’s membership service, comes to the rescue for those looking to circumvent the DM limitations. Users that subscribe to Twitter Blue receive access to additional messaging capabilities and can send more direct messages. Unverified accounts must currently subscribe to Twitter Blue to get this benefit. This strategic decision encourages users to explore Twitter Blue’s premium features and diversifies the company’s revenue streams beyond advertising.

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Limiting Access: Temporary Measures and Backtracking

Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, has put temporary limits on the number of tweets users can read per day. These safeguards are intended to prevent unauthorized data scraping from the site. While some users have expressed displeasure with these temporary restrictions, Twitter is actively looking for ways to achieve a balance between user engagement and data protection.

Impact on User Engagement and Spam Reduction By Latest Twitter Update

Twitter’s efforts to decrease spam and improve the quality of interactions have elicited conflicting opinions from its user base. Verified accounts, which have larger daily limits, have been mostly pleased with the improvements, although some unverified users have expressed worries about the restrictions. However, early Twitter updates indicate that Twitter’s new direct message setting has already resulted in a large 70% reduction in spam in DMs compared to the previous week.

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Twitter Blue’s Role in Revenue Growth

Twitter Blue has established itself as an important component of Twitter’s income diversification plan. Twitter hopes to entice more users to its subscription service by providing special features and advantages to customers. As the firm faces hurdles on its path to profitability, the success of Twitter Blue becomes critical to achieving future revenue growth and financial stability.

Controversies Surrounding Twitter’s Changes

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022, the platform has been upset. The corporation has dealt with large layoffs, voluntary resignations, and legal problems. From severance compensation disputes to charges of unfair layoffs, Twitter’s metamorphosis under Musk has not been without controversy.

Twitter’s Response to Competitors

As the social media environment becomes more competitive, Twitter is responding to new entrants such as Meta’s Threads app. Threads’ introduction and high sign-up numbers have forced Twitter to defend its position. To preserve its market presence and serve to changing user demands, the corporation is considering legal action.


Twitter’s recent decision to limit daily direct messages for unverified users shows the company’s commitment to improving user experience and combating spam on its platform. Twitter Blue, which provides special messaging perks, provides a potential for Twitter to diversify its revenue streams and improve its financial prospects. However, given the controversy surrounding the company’s developments and an evolving competitive landscape, Twitter confronts difficulty in achieving the correct balance between user engagement, data safety, and profitability. Twitter’s ability to negotiate these hurdles will decide its success in the ever-changing social media market as it continues to evolve under Elon Musk’s leadership.


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