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Twitter X: Elon Musk Has Planned Rebranding of Social Media Giant

Twitter X, Elon Musk’s new overhaul to the good old Twitter, has shaken the Twitter community. As Everyone reads about the Twitter rebranding, people wonder what else will be changing or if it’s just a rebranding. He changed the verification procedure, restored suspended users, and even renamed Twitter as “X” in addition to implementing Twitter Blue. This essay will examine Twitter’s phenomenal development under Musk’s direction, the outcomes of this hazardous rebranding, and Musk’s long-term goals for the business.

Twitter Blue’s Emergence and the Paid Verification System’s Launch

Twitter Blue was one of the first and most notable changes that Musk made after assuming control of the social media behemoth. In place of the previous blue badge verification procedure, this unique introduction included a paid verification mechanism. The security issues of the paid verification approach were raised despite the fact that this action drew both praise and condemnation.

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Twitter X: The Debatable Restoration of Suspended Accounts

When Musk made the contentious choice to reinstate numerous well-known accounts that had previously been suspended by the previous Twitter management, he found himself in the middle of a dispute. People like Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, and Kanye West were among those who were given their freedom back, which sparked contentious discussions on social media about accountability and free speech.

Financial difficulties and staff reductions

After Musk took over, Twitter experienced a significant round of layoffs that resulted in the firing of close to half of its workers. Musk sought to strengthen the business’s finances through cost-cutting initiatives, but his efforts drew criticism from a variety of sources. Additionally, Twitter’s ad business ran into difficulties, which caused a sharp drop in ad revenue.

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Starting a Business in Payments and Commerce

Musk has been looking into additional revenue sources in response to revenue issues. His goal is to make Twitter an “everything app” by facilitating payments and commerce. Peer-to-peer transactions and seamless payment services are included in this strategic strategy.

Getting Along in a Competitive Environment

Despite Musk’s unwavering efforts, Twitter has been struggling with rising social media competition. A text-based site called Meta’s Threads, which competes with Instagram, has attracted a sizable user base. Since its launch, Threads has, however, faced a number of issues related to user involvement.

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The ‘X’ Project’s Mission Statement

Musk’s choice to rebrand Twitter as “X” was far from random; it was inspired by his prior commercial ventures. Musk established ‘X.com,’ a visionary platform intended to transform the finance industry, in 1999. The platform’s original ambition was to serve a wide variety of financial services in real-time, including banking, online shopping, investing, and more.

‘X.com’ and PayPal: An Evolution

‘X.com’ merged with another company that Peter Thiel and Max Levchin had co-founded, but the innovative idea persisted, eventually giving rise to PayPal. When Musk’s interest in ‘X.com’ reappeared in 2022, he began to think about Twitter’s potential as a worldwide marketplace and an AI-powered social network.

The Grand Scheme of an “Everything App”

Musk wants Twitter, now branded as “X,” to be more than just a social networking service. He wants to build an “everything app” that effortlessly combines many services and features onto a single platform and is motivated by WeChat’s popularity in China. The revamped “X” will provide payment options, messaging capabilities, and a variety of chances for both individuals and businesses.


Twitter’s era of significant change has begun under Elon Musk’s leadership. The recent brand change to “X” is just one of many transformational initiatives that have been made. The “everything app” Musk envisions, which will combine social networking and banking services, has the power to completely alter the digital environment. While the future of “X” is yet unknown, it is clear that Musk’s influence has set Twitter on a new road for growth.


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