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Vivo Watch 3: Next Generation Smartwatch with BlueOS Operating System

The tech industry is buzzing with excitement as the renowned technology company, Vivo, prepares to introduce its latest creation, the Vivo Watch 3, alongside the flagship X100 Series of phones on November 13, 2023. With official teasers now available, we’ve learned more about the design and functions of this highly anticipated wristwatch. In this article, we’ll look at the Vivo Watch 3, from its sleek design to the breakthrough BlueOS operating system, which is all primed to set new benchmarks in the smartwatch landscape.

Vivo Watch 3 Design and Aesthetics

The Vivo Watch 3 has a wonderfully sleek and circular look that quickly draws attention. This smartwatch features a curved display tucked within an attractive shell, providing consumers with a visually pleasing and engaging experience. The watch’s face is embellished with 3D big curved glass, giving it a smooth, pebble-like appearance that feels pleasant on the wrist.

The Vivo Watch 3’s dedication to personalization is a notable feature. Users will be able to pick between two styles, each with its own rotating crown. The first type has a black silicone strap, while the second has a more opulent look with a gold leather strap. The stainless steel digital crown matches the color scheme of the watch dial, with matching leather gold and silicone black alternatives available. Furthermore, the design includes detachable lugs that allow for customization, making this smartwatch not only useful but also fashionable.

The Vivo Watch 3 is equipped with various sensors for complete health monitoring, in addition to its eye-catching design. These sensors are ready to provide consumers with vital insights into their health, transforming it from a fashionable accessory to a strong health companion.

Vivo Watch 3
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BlueOS Operating System: A Game-Changer

What truly distinguishes the Vivo Watch 3 is its in-house designed operating system, BlueOS. BlueOS was created using the Rust programming language, making it a one-of-a-kind and game-changing contribution to the smartwatch industry. This distinct operating system is noted not just for its performance but also for its compliance with industry-standard protocols, allowing for smooth integration across multiple domains. BlueOS, on the other hand, is not compatible with Android applications, distinguishing it as a dedicated system.

BlueOS’s distributed nature allows it to handle a variety of input methods, including speech and gestures. This ensures that Vivo smartwatch users have a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Furthermore, the operating system allows for seamless interaction with other Vivo devices, including smartphones and wearables, resulting in a linked ecosystem that improves the entire user experience.

BlueOS’s generative AI capabilities, which allow endless support for watch faces, are one of its most fascinating features. Users may personalize their Vivo Watch 3 by selecting from a variety of watch face options, allowing them to reflect their unique style and preferences. Furthermore, BlueOS includes its own app store, which expands the watch’s capabilities and provides access to a growing library of programs designed specifically for this unique operating system.

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Cutting-Edge Display and Additional Features

While we have seen the Vivo Watch 3’s design and innovative operating system, we have yet to learn all of its specifications. However, it is widely predicted that the smartwatch will include an outstanding OLED display that will provide consumers with colorful and crisp pictures. This display is expected to improve the overall user experience by making it not only functional but also visually beautiful.

Furthermore, Vivo has hinted at the inclusion of 4G LTE independent connectivity in the Watch 3, a capability that is becoming increasingly significant for smartwatches because it allows users to stay connected even when their smartphone is not nearby. This capability brings you a world of possibilities, such as making voice calls and accessing data while on the go.

The Vivo Watch 3 is also slated to include a one-of-a-kind “desktop pet” feature, which will bring a layer of fun and personalization to the wristwatch experience. This feature may allow users to personalize their watch’s interface with virtual pets or mascots, bringing a lighthearted element to the device’s functionality.

Vivo Watch 3
@image: India Today

Health Monitoring and Third-Party App Support

In today’s fast-paced world, Vivo knows the value of health and well-being. The Watch 3 is expected to contain advanced health monitoring functions such as heart rate tracking and blood oxygen level assessments. These features provide consumers with vital insights regarding their physical health, allowing them to make informed lifestyle and well-being decisions.

Furthermore, the Vivo Watch 3 offers expanded third-party app support. This is a big advancement since it allows users to increase the functionality of their wristwatch, making it even more versatile and tailored to their own needs. With BlueOS as a stable base, developers are expected to create a diverse set of applications that appeal to a variety of interests and needs.


The enthusiasm in the IT community is evident as the release date of the Vivo Watch 3 approaches. The Watch 3 is ready to make a huge impact in the world of smartwatches thanks to its appealing design, innovative operating system, cutting-edge display, and extensive health monitoring features.

The attention to detail in the design of the Watch 3 and the development of the BlueOS operating system demonstrate Vivo’s dedication to innovation and user customization. With this next release, the future of smartwatches appears bright, as it promises to establish new benchmarks in both aesthetics and functionality.

Keep an eye out for the Watch 3 on November 13, 2023, and prepare to usher in a new era of smartwatch technology. The Vivo Watch 3 is going to alter what we expect from a smartwatch, thanks to its unusual appearance, BlueOS, and extensive functionality. Don’t pass up this chance to be a part of the future of wearable technology.


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