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WhatsApp Update: Introducing “View Once” Voice Messages for Enhanced Privacy

WhatsApp Update Summary

  • New “view once” feature in Whatsapp Update: Share voice messages that disappear after being heard once.
  • Enhanced privacy: Share sensitive information like OTPs and bank details with peace of mind.
  • How to use: Record voice message, tap the dotted circle with “1”, and send.
  • Important points: Cannot forward, automatically deleted after 14 days, included in backups if unopened.
  • Senders cannot listen again, recipients cannot save or star.

In the New Whatsapp update, Meta has rolled out a new feature called “view once” for voice messages. This feature allows users to share sensitive information like OTPs and bank details with the peace of mind that the message will self-destruct after being heard once.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of WhatsApp’s “view once” voice message feature, including how to use it, its limitations, and some important points to remember.

WhatsApp Update The “view once” feature

The “view once” feature is an extension of the existing disappearing messages functionality already available for photos and videos on WhatsApp. This feature allows users to share voice messages that can only be heard once by the recipient before automatically being deleted from the chat.

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Benefits of using the “view once” feature

There are several benefits to using the “view once” feature for voice messages:

  1. Enhanced privacy: This feature provides an extra layer of security for sensitive information shared over WhatsApp.
  2. Reduced clutter: Once heard, the voice message disappears from the chat history, keeping your chats organized and reducing clutter.
  3. Peace of mind: Knowing that the message is self-destructing can offer peace of mind for users sharing sensitive information.
WhatsApp Update
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How to use the “view once” feature

Here’s how to use the “view once” feature for voice messages on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp and select the desired chat.
  2. Tap and hold the microphone icon to record your voice message.
  3. Before sending the message, tap on the dotted circle icon with the number “1” inside it.
  4. Send a voice message.

Once sent, the recipient will see a “view once” voice message icon with a green “1” on their screen. They can click on the play button to listen to the message once. After that, the message will automatically disappear from the chat.

Important points to remember

  • View once messages cannot be forwarded: Once a voice message is sent as “view once,” it cannot be forwarded to other users, even by the sender.
  • View once messages are automatically deleted after 14 days: If a “view once” voice message is not opened by the recipient within 14 days of being sent, it will automatically be deleted from the chat.
  • View once messages can be backed up and restored: View once messages are included in regular chat backups. However, they can only be restored if they haven’t been opened yet.
  • Senders cannot listen to view once messages after sending them: Once a “view once” voice message is sent, the sender will not be able to listen to it again.
  • View once messages can be reported: If you receive a “view once” voice message that is offensive or violates WhatsApp’s terms of service, you can report it to WhatsApp.
  • View once messages can be recorded using screen recording apps: Although not encouraged, users can technically record the “view once” voice message using screen recording apps on their devices.
  • View once messages cannot be saved or starred: Users cannot save or star “view once” voice messages for future reference.


The “view once” feature for voice messages offers a convenient and secure way to share sensitive information on WhatsApp. By understanding the functionality and limitations of this feature, users can effectively leverage it to enhance their privacy and communication experience.


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