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WhatsApp’s New iPhone Sticker Feature and Meta Verified Business Subscription


  • Transforming Chats: WhatsApp iPhone Sticker Feature ushers in a new era of expressive communication by giving iPhone users access to a game-changing tool that lets them turn photos into customized stickers.
  • Creativity Made Simple: With simple-to-use editing tools, users may add text, drawings, and overlay stickers to create original, shareable works of art that express their individuality.
  • Sticker Tray Convenience: Users can easily express their creativity because the custom stickers are kept in a handy location in the sticker tray, which makes them accessible and reusable.
  • Business Innovation: WhatsApp is about to release a subscription service called “Meta Verified,” which is targeted at companies and offers advanced features like connecting up to ten devices.
  • Keep Watching for More: With WhatsApp promising more features and surprises, the IT community is a flurry of activity. For the most recent information about this dynamic messaging platform, stay in touch.


The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has revealed an exciting new feature that is only available to iPhone users. In a recent Instagram post, WhatsApp disclosed the news iPhone Sticker Feature, creating a buzz among the user community.

Customized iPhone Sticker Feature: A Way to Express Yourself

The latest version allows users to transform their images into stickers, giving a unique personal touch to their interactions. WhatsApp invites users to share these personalized stickers in group chats as a way to demonstrate their artistic abilities.

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Using WhatsApp Tools to Customize Easily

According to WABetaInfo, customizing stickers on WhatsApp is a simple task thanks to its editing capabilities. In addition to adding text and artwork, users may also overlay other stickers to create genuinely unique creations. The final flourish? Your sticker tray easily stores personalized stickers for handy and quick reuse.

Methodical Guide: Making Your Own Stickers

Are you wondering how to make your own stickers? It’s easier than you may imagine. Take these simple actions:

1. To view your sticker tray, click the icon next to the input field.

2. Select “create sticker.”

3. Choose a picture to use as the foundation from your gallery.

4. Use your imagination to add text, illustrations, or other stickers to give it a unique look.

5. After you’re happy with your creation, show it to your pals and see what kind of feedback you get.

@image: MacStories

Meta Verified Business Subscription

A ‘Meta Verified’ subscription specifically for businesses is reportedly something WhatsApp is working on, in addition to the frenzy surrounding stickers. With the expected addition of a verified badge, this subscription is set to take the role of the current WhatsApp Premium membership, providing a new degree of legitimacy for business profiles. Another feature of this package will be the capacity to connect up to ten devices.


It’s clear from exploring WhatsApp’s most recent improvements that the company is dedicated to improving user experience. WhatsApp never stops coming up with new ideas to keep consumers interested and excited about what’s coming next, from customized stickers for individual users to a redesigned subscription plan for companies.


Q. 1. Which gadgets can use the new sticker feature?

A. 1. Only iPhone owners can presently use the new sticker function. Keep an eye out for prospective device expansions, though.

Q. 2. Can Android devices utilize the editing tools?

A. 2. For iPhone users, the editing options for customized stickers are currently highlighted. In upcoming upgrades, WhatsApp might bring this capability to Android users.

Q. 3. Can a single user purchase the “Meta Verified” subscription?

A. 3. No, the ‘Meta validated’ subscription is meant exclusively for companies; it provides them with better services and a validated emblem.

Q. 4. How many personalized stickers can I make and keep?

A. 4. Although there isn’t a set limit on personalized stickers, users can store their designs in the sticker tray for quick access and future usage.

Q. 5. When is the ‘Meta Verified’ subscription scheduled to be released?

A. 5. The ‘Meta Verified’ subscription’s launch date has not yet been formally confirmed. For the most recent information, pay attention to WhatsApp updates.


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