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Unveiling the Future: Rabbit R-1 AI Assistant Takes Center Stage at CES 2024


  • Revolutionary AI Assistant: Discover the future with Rabbit R-1 AI, a revolutionary AI assistant that revolutionized user interaction and was presented at CES 2024.
  • Simple Touchscreen Interface: Using Rabbit’s in-house OS, take control of a 2.88-inch touchscreen that will revolutionise the way you interact with artificial intelligence technologies.
  • CEO Jesse Lyu’s vision: With Rabbit R-1’s user-friendly design, Jesse Lyu hopes to alleviate the annoyances associated with complicated smartphone apps and usher in a time without apps.
  • Large Action Model Technology: In contrast to conventional AI gadgets, Rabbit R-1 AI uses a “Large Action Model,” which enables smooth interactions by accurately interpreting human intentions.
  • Special Edition Prior Order: Pre-order your Rabbit R-1 now at for $199 (Rs 16500 Approx.) to ensure your place in the future; limited quantities are selling out quickly.

A Sneak Peek at the Revolution of the Rabbit R-1 AI Assistant

As Santa Monica-based startup Rabbit steals the show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, the IT community is a flurry of enthusiasm. The industry was shocked by the company’s ground-breaking introduction of the Rabbit R-1 AI assistant. We will examine the characteristics, functionalities, and creative process of this unique gadget as we delve into its complexities in this post.

An Overview of Rabbit R-1’s Birth

The Rabbit R-1, an AI-powered assistant with a 2.88-inch touchscreen display and a MediaTek CPU at its core, is the technological marvel. This section describes Rabbit R-1’s origins and its capabilities, which go beyond those of traditional artificial intelligence devices.

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Jesse Lyu’s Concept: Reimagining the User Interface

Rabbit’s CEO and founder, Jesse Lyu, shares details on the ideas that went into creating Rabbit R-1 AI. Lyu highlights the need to get away from the complicated, fragmented user experiences of smartphone apps. Through the power of artificial intelligence, the Rabbit R-1 seeks to provide a simple, app-free user experience.

The Next AI Evolution: The Large Action Model

Examining the technological architecture in greater detail, we examine the uniqueness of the Rabbit R-1. Large Language Models (LLM) are the foundation of many AI gadgets, but Rabbit’s work differs in that it uses a “Large Action Model.” The significance of this change is explained in this part, along with how it makes it possible for the R-1 to comprehend user intentions and behaviors with previously unheard-of efficiency.

Using the Touchscreen on the Rabbit R-1 AI

The 2.88-inch touchscreen on the Rabbit R-1 sets it apart from other conventional AI devices. This section reveals the device’s user interface and the smooth operation made possible by the in-house Rabbit OS.

Future Pre-Ordering: Rabbit R-1 Cost and Availability

It’s imperative that tech lovers who are keen to acquire this ground-breaking gadget comprehend the pre-order procedure. Here, we go over the costs, the availability, and how to pre-order the Rabbit R-1 from, the official Rabbit website.

Exclusive Batches: High Demand and Limited Stock

The company announces the limited batches of 10,000 Rabbit R-1 devices each as demand for the device soars. This section offers details on the overwhelmingly positive reception, the batches that have sold out, and the excitement for the third batch, which is about to be put up for preorder.

Shipment Timetable: When Will Your Rabbit R-1 Arrive?

Prospective customers are very excited and want to know when they may get their Rabbit R-1 devices. Examine the specifics of Rabbit’s delivery timetable, which claims to provide customers with a flawless, cutting-edge experience by the end of March.

Realizing Jesse Lyu’s Vision: An Overview of the Future

As Rabbit R-1 leaves its impact on the digital world, we consider how Jesse Lyu’s dream of an easy-to-use, app-free experience is progressively coming to pass. The Rabbit R-1 is a step towards a new age in human-machine interaction, not merely a gadget.

Final Thoughts: Using Rabbit R-1 to Welcome the Future

We highlight the salient features of Rabbit R-1 in the final part, highlighting its revolutionary effect on user experience. The Rabbit R-1 is a window into the seamless, intuitive technology of the future, not just an AI helper.


Q. 1. What sets Rabbit R-1 distinct from other AI assistants?

A. 1. ‘Large Action Model,’ which goes beyond traditional AI models in its comprehension of human behavior, sets Rabbit R-1 apart.

Q. 2. How can I order the Rabbit R-1 in advance?

A. 2. Get pre-order information and reserve your place for the next batch by visiting the official website at

Q. 3. How soon will Rabbit R-1 be supplied following a pre-order?

A. 3. The company hopes to begin shipping by the end of March, and the third batch should arrive in May or June of 2024.

Q. 4. What is the price of the Rabbit R-1?

A. 4. The Rabbit R-1, which costs $199 (Rs 16500 Approx.) , offers a low-cost option for introducing AI assistants into your business.

Q. 5. Is it possible to use the Rabbit R-1 with other devices?

A. 5. The Rabbit R-1 is made to work well with a variety of gadgets and offer a flexible AI experience.


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