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Xbox Game Pass Update: New Games, Exclusive Perks, and More in June 2023

Microsoft keeps improving the Xbox Game Pass subscription program by frequently adding intriguing new games to its lineup. Microsoft unveiled a number of updates in June 2023, including the eagerly anticipated horror title Amnesia: The Bunker and the distinctive 90s Internet simulator Hypnospace Outlaw. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers also received special benefits, such as a DLC pack for Hi-Fi Rush, in addition to these game updates. This page offers a summary of the most recent Xbox Game Pass upgrades, the newest games, and the special benefits offered to subscribers in June 2023.

New Game Additions to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft released a number of brand-new games in June for Xbox Game Pass customers. Amnesia: The Bunker, a horror game set in a bunker from World War I where players must solve riddles while being hunted by a terrible entity, is one of the noteworthy additions. For fans of the horror genre, this game is a must-play because it is a part of the well-known Amnesia franchise. A unique 90s Internet simulator called Hypnospace Outlaw also returned to the Xbox Game Pass portfolio, giving gamers a fully immersive experience that takes them back to the early days of the Internet. Xbox Game Pass customers can access these titles on the cloud, consoles, and PC.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers Get Exclusive Benefits

In June 2023, Xbox title Pass Ultimate users received special benefits, such as a unique DLC bundle for the title Hi-Fi Rush. This DLC package, dubbed the “Teamplay Costume Pack,” provides new clothes for the game’s characters, enabling users to change their appearance and impart their preferred character’s fashion onto others. Additionally, Ultimate subscribers could make use of exclusive in-game goodies for Super Animal Royale and Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis as well as a Battlefield 2042 member benefit. For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users, these benefits improve their gaming experience and raise the value of their subscription.

June 2023 Xbox Game Pass Free Online Games

In June 2023, Microsoft unveiled the initial selection of free Xbox Game Pass titles. The console, PC, and cloud platforms were all made available for these titles. Amnesia: The Bunker, Hypnospace Outlaw, Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer, Stacking, Rune Factory 4 Special, Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, The Big Con, Amnesia: The Bunker, Hypnospace Outlaw, and Dordogne were some of the games in the initial batch. For Game Pass customers, these varied games offer a variety of experiences and appeal to various gaming preferences. Later in the month, a second round of games was anticipated to be revealed, substantially enhancing the game selection.

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Xbox Game Pass Game Withdrawal Date is June 2023.

Some games were slated to leave the Game Pass library in June 2023, just like they do every month. Microsoft announced the games that would be leaving the service, including Serious Sam 4 and Total War: Three Kingdoms as well as Chorus, Maneater, Mortal Shell, and Bridge Constructor Portal. Before leaving the site, subscribers had the chance to purchase these games at a reduced cost. Maneater, a game that lets players live out their ambitions of becoming sharks, deserves special mention.

The Ultimate Subscription Service is Game Pass

As one of the best gaming subscription services available, Xbox Game Pass has grown in popularity. For a small monthly cost, users may access a vast library of titles. Game Pass for consoles and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines console, PC, and cloud gaming, are all included in the subscription. Subscribers to Game Pass have access to a wide range of games from different genres, such as sports, RPGs, action, and adventure. There are constantly fresh and intriguing games to play thanks to the service’s frequent upgrades to its gaming catalog.

Xbox Game Pass provides a number of other advantages in addition to its large game library. Subscribers get access to exclusive discounts on game purchases, letting them increase their own collections for less money. Subscribers to Game Pass Ultimate also get access to Xbox Live Gold, which gives them access to online multiplayer features and free games every month through Games with Gold.

Support for cross-platform gaming is one of Game Pass’s unique features. Select games allow players to play with friends on either PC or Xbox consoles, greatly increasing the multiplayer experience. The cloud gaming function enables gamers to play a variety of Game Pass games on mobile devices that are compatible.

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Microsoft’s dedication to Xbox Game Pass is obvious in its ongoing attempts to provide new games and special rewards for customers. The release of highly anticipated titles such as Amnesia: The Bunker and Hypnospace Outlaw in June 2023 demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing broad and interesting gaming experiences. The exclusive bonuses for Game Pass Ultimate users increase the value of the subscription by providing additional content and in-game goodies.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious fanatic, Xbox Game Pass offers a quick and cost-effective method to enjoy a diverse selection of games. With its ever-expanding catalog, regular upgrades, and exclusive rewards, Game Pass maintains its place as a top gaming subscription service.


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