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30XX: The Lightning-Fast Mega-Roguelike Sequel Exiting Early Access with Exciting Features

Fans of the extremely addictive roguelike game 20XX have been anticipating the release of its sequel, 30XX, which is slated to exit Early Access and arrive for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in Q3 2023. 30XX, developed by Batterystaple Games, adds intriguing new features such as a Maker Mode that allows users to create, edit, and play custom-made levels. In this article, we’ll go into 30XX in-depth, covering its gameplay, customization possibilities, and imminent release.

The Lightning-Fast Mega-Roguelike Experience Continues

30XX expands on its predecessor’s success by providing a lightning-fast gameplay experience that keeps players on their toes. The game contains chaotic stages with fast-paced action in which players must overcome hard obstacles and monsters. The seamless integration of unlocking weapons and power-ups improves gameplay by offering a number of techniques for tackling the ever-changing stages.

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Tailored Difficulty and Customization Options

30XX provides a variety of difficulty levels to accommodate players of various skill levels. Players can customize the game’s difficulty levels to their liking, focusing on the story and setting with the powerful Assist Mode or increasing the challenge with bespoke Entropy Conditions. Because of this adaptability, both newcomers and seasoned players can enjoy the game at their own speed.

Unleash Your Creativity with Maker Mode

The inclusion of Maker Mode, which allows players to unleash their creativity and construct their own levels, is one of the most fascinating aspects of 30XX. Maker Mode, created by the author of the famed Mega Man Maker fan project, offers a robust collection of tools for creating, editing and playing fully-fledged levels. Players can pit Nina and Ace against their own innovative obstacles using the same developer tools used to construct levels in the main game. The options are unlimited, whether you’re making speed runs or elaborate Metroidvania-style levels.

Engage with the Community and Discover Custom Levels

30XX enables users to interact with the community and find a multitude of custom-made levels in addition to building their own. On the PC version, players can use the advanced discovery capabilities to explore fan-made levels and share their works with others. This provides an extra layer of excitement and life to the game by allowing players to explore and challenge themselves with new content on a regular basis.

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Anticipating the Release of 30XX

The forthcoming release of 30XX in Q3 2023 is a significant milestone for franchise fans. With the game, it will be available on both the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms, allowing it to reach a larger audience. Batterystaple Games promises interesting news on the horizon, adding to the excitement for the release.


30XX is set to provide aficionados of the genre with a thrilling and fast-paced mega-roguelike experience. The game provides a plethora of content and unlimited options for players to explore with its seamless blend of high-speed action, variable difficulty, and the novel Maker Mode. The impending release in Q3 2023 on the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms is certain to capture gamers and provide them with a thrilling and engaging gaming experience. Stay tuned for additional information, and prepare for an epic journey in the universe of 30XX.


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