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GTA 6 Disappointment at Summer Game Fest 2023: Rumors, Reactions, and What to Expect

The highly anticipated GTA 6 reveal at Summer Game Fest 2023 disappointed fans of the popular franchise, as Rockstar Games elected not to showcase their future release. The lack of information about the forthcoming version of the Grand Theft Auto franchise caused a wave of irritation and longing among players. Social media channels become an opportunity for expressing feelings, emphasising the urgency and expectation for any GTA 6 updates or announcements. In this post, we’ll look at GTA 6’s reactions, rumours, and probable features, such as the rumoured introduction of a six-star desired level and greater car customisation.

Fans’ Anticipation for GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto V, the last single-player instalment in the GTA franchise, was published in 2013 (excluding remasters). Since then, players have been waiting for any word on GTA 6. The extended period between publications has increased the excitement and interest surrounding the next chapter in the series. Summer Game Fest 2023, for example, has become a watershed moment for fans hoping for a glimpse or announcement of GTA 6.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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Reactions to GTA 6’s Absence at Summer Game Fest 2023

Following Summer Game Fest 2023, social media channels were swamped with GTA fans’ anger and frustration. Many gamers had been anticipating a teaser or announcement for GTA 6, and the lack of any connected news left many disappointed. Twitter became a virtual gathering place for players to express their emotions, sharing their excitement for the game’s release and their dissatisfaction with the lack of information. The lack of GTA 6-related updates sparked a wave of dissatisfaction among fans.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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The Effects of Exaggeration and Expectations

Summer Game Fest 2023 was a lengthy event that lasted several hours, which further added to the excitement among players. As the event progressed, fans became more optimistic that a special announcement for GTA 6 would take place. However, sadness crept in when the event ended with no news about the game. Some fans also suggested that the event’s host, Geoff Keighley, may have unintentionally overhyped the announcements, leading to heightened crowd expectations. This added to the sadness when GTA 6 did not make an appearance.

Differing Opinions and Balanced Reactions

While disappointment predominated among gamers from summer game fest 2023, several tweets took a lighter tone, expressing their feelings through humour and satire. Memes and jokes about the absence of GTA 6 at the event proliferated on social media sites, giving frustrated fans a small reprieve. Furthermore, other individuals expressed surprise at the continuing expectation of a surprise GTA 6 reveal at gaming events, highlighting the community’s diverse viewpoints. It became clear that fans’ levels of anticipation and excitement for the game varied.

Six-Star Wanted Level and Vehicle Personalization Rumours and Leaks

In the absence of official announcements, rumours and leaks have surfaced, fueling further speculation and debate about GTA 6. According to one popular rumour, GTA 6 would include a six-star desired level, which will replace the present five-star system used in prior versions. According to conjecture, the military would be involved in the six-star wanted level, culminating in fierce pursuits including tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets. This rumoured update would raise the stakes and offer gamers a more thrilling and tactical experience.

Another leak suggests that increased car customization will be available in GTA 6. According to the leak, each car will have its own distinct personality and history, giving realism and complexity to the gaming world. While the leak is lacking in specifics, the notion of individualised cars has piqued the interest of players looking for a more immersive and personalised gaming experience.


The dismay over the lack of GTA 6 news at Summer Game Fest 2023 reflects players’ eagerness for the next edition of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Fans voiced their emotions on social media channels, ranging from disappointment to humour. Rumours of a possible six-star sought level and increased vehicle customisation heightened the excitement and expectation for GTA 6. However, unless Rockstar Games confirms the leaks and rumours, it is critical to proceed with care. As fans wait for formal news, excitement for GTA 6 grows, showcasing the GTA community’s everlasting enthusiasm and loyalty.


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