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Motorola Has Become a Member of the Android 14 Party: A List of Approved Devices

At last, Motorola has revealed the list of devices that will be available on Android 14, the upcoming version of the operating system. This follows Google’s February 2023 announcement of the first developer preview and October release of the stable version of the software along with the Pixel 8 series. Updates for their handsets have already begun to flow out for major competitors like Samsung and Nothing, and now Motorola is joining the fray.

Although the precise deployment timetable is yet unknown, reports point to a staged strategy in which upgrades are rolled out gradually throughout 2024 to all devices that qualify. But fear not—beta testing for Android 14 has already begun on a few Motorola smartphones, such as the Edge 30 Ultra, Edge 30, Moto G54, and Moto G73.

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List of Motorola Devices Eligible for Android 14

A comprehensive list compiled by YTECHB outlines devices eligible for the Android 14 upgrade. This section provides users with clarity on whether their device is in line for the anticipated update.

Razr Series:

  • Razr (2023)
  • Razr 2022
  • Razr 5G

Edge Series:

  • Edge 30 Ultra
  • Edge 30
  • Edge 2022
  • Edge+ 2022
  • Edge (2022)
  • Edge 30 Pro

Moto G Series:

  • Moto G84
  • Moto G73
  • Moto G54
  • Moto G43
  • Moto G34
  • Moto G33
  • Moto G23
  • Moto G22

Other Devices:

  • ThinkPhone

It’s crucial to keep in mind that this is not a definitive list, and Moto may eventually add additional products to its lineup. Furthermore, as previously indicated, the deployment will be phased in, so don’t worry if your particular model isn’t among the first to get the update. For the most recent updates, follow Moto’s official channels and keep a watch out for notifications on your device.

Motorola customers can anticipate several new features with Android 14, such as personalized emoticons, AI-generated backgrounds, and the highly anticipated Health Connect platform. Thus, Motorola owners, get ready to explore Android’s next chapter on your handset!

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In conclusion, there is eagerness and enthusiasm following Motorola’s announcement of the Android 14 update. The industry is watching to see how this adoption will impact the future of Android handsets, while users anxiously await the rollout.


Q. 1. When will my Motorola device receive the Android 14 update?

A. 1. Although a specific rollout timetable has not been announced, reliable updates should be released in batches.

Q. 2. Which Motorola handsets will be able to test the Android 14 beta?

A. 2. It has been verified that the Edge 30 Ultra, Edge 30, Moto G54, and Moto G73 will be included in the beta.

Q. 3. Which Android 14 features are most important for Motorola smartphones?

A. 3. For Motorola smartphones, Android 14 offers improved security, a redesigned user interface, and a host of additional upgrades.

Q. 4. How does the Android 14 update impact the user experience on Motorola phones?

A. 4. Real-world user experiences suggest positive enhancements in performance and features.

Q. 5. Is the Moto G54 5G price cut related to the Android 14 update?

A. 5. While not officially confirmed, the price cut aligns with the anticipation around the Android 14 update.


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